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香港六合彩linienhaomabiao:YHCC Launched the Fire Drill

Published:2018-11-23 14:45:06
On November 11st, the 28th National Fire Awareness Day. In order to enhance the fire awareness and the emergency response ability of employees, YHCC launched the fire drill.

On the fire drill, Zeng Liang, the vice-captain of the YHCC fire department explained the fire regulations, fire hazard, fire prevention, and the extinguishing of the initial fire. Demonstrated the instructions of the fire hose and the fire extinguisher.

The fire drill took place in the company`s football yard, simulated the gas station caught on fire. Employees tired to extinguish the initial fire and call the 119 (fire phone), evacuate employees to safe by the exit indicator. The fire department inbound with the fire truck. Extinguished the fire.
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